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PI HAT The primary function of Elbatech in this field is to discover and create new knowledge about scientific and technological topics for the purpose of the development of valuable new products, processes, and services. Essential and very important is the collaboration with researchers from Universities and research Institutions: their inputs give the way to the development of ideas and projects that, once developed to prototype level, returning to the world of research, for a depth validation.

We can quote among other, the realization of a SEM-integrated (ENEA, Casaccia, Italy), the realization of a motor-assisted AFM for large samples observation (Universita Cattolica, Roma),the design and the realization of label-free instruments for proteomics (Universita di Genova), the design and realization of innovative (bio)sensors with polimeric matrices (Universita di Genova),.... Additionally, ElbaTech has provided the Australian National University with a complete set of customized HV amplifiers for high energy studies.


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