HIGH VOLTAGE AMPLIFIERS Our HV Amplifiers are mounted in 19" rack-mount chassis and are inclusive of the proper, very low-noise high voltage power supply, with output current capability conform to the specific amplifier model.
These istruments are especially suited for piezoelectric and electrostatic transducers, high voltage instrumentation, semiconductor testing, MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems) and generally in those applications requiring stable and noise-free output. They allow resistive, capacitive and some models inductive loads.
Although our actual spectrum of devices covers most of the possible applications, one of our core-business is the ability to design and realize CUSTOM high voltage amplifiers, suitable for specific User's needs. Ask for a custom model or browse the current list of available models:

T-100 T-300 T-400-B/H T-500 T-700-B/H T-800


HV Amplifier Model Peak to Peak Output Voltage Peak to Peak Output Current Slew Rate Modular Setup
T-100 300 V 60 mA medium NO
T-300 300 V 1200 mA medium NO
T-400-B 300 V 60 mA medium YES
T-400-H 400 V 400 mA low YES
T-500 400 V 400 mA very high NO
T-700-B 500 V 100 mA high YES
T-700-H 800 V 100 mA high YES
T-800 1000 V 75 mA low NO

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