QCMagic Hat QCMagicHat is a tiny RaspberryPi add-on card featuring a two channel Quartz Crystal Microbalance Two independent oscillators and the related measuring electronics live in just 55x65mm. Updated firmware and high-level software make this board plug-and-go. Just connect the board onto your RaspberryPi equipped with our pre-installed OS and software image, switch on the unit and start getting experimental data. The assembly can also be utilized remotely over the Ethernet, running the GUI software on a client computer.

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QCMagic Hat


Dual channel measurements
1-to-10 MHz base crystal frequency
Fast data acquisition (T gate down to 0.1s)
High Resolution (better than 0.1Hz)
Use off-the-shelf AT-cut Quartz Crystals
Selectable Quartz Holder (HC6/U or HC49U)
OEM (board only) or in a nice plastic box

QCMagicHat can be equipped with our plexiglass Liquid Cell, featuring both static and flow-through operations, designed for HC6/U crystals, namely for quartzes featuring blank diameter of about 0.550" and electrode diameter of about 0.295".

QCMagic GUI Our GUI is organized in tab windows, allowing the user to drive acquisition, manage the acquired data according to the previous formulas, related to the experiment type (in air, in liquid - static or dynamic) and finally save the acquired data. The GUI has two stripcharts to plot the frequency vs. time of the quartz at the "Quartz 1" and "Quartz 2" connectors (the upper plot refers to Quartz 1 and the lower to Quartz 2).

The user can set: the acquisition's number of points, the time resolution (at which rate the data will be acquired and plotted), a number of points to compute the average (useful to get an immediate feeling about data trend) and the base frequency of the quartzes in use.

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