S4: USB / 1-Wire Interface Card

The board is a USB to 1-Wire adapter for 1-Wire developers, OEM integrators and generic users.
It features the most reliable and up-to-date electronic configuration and is fully compatible with last USB port numbering scheme, thus allowing reliable connection and configuration even under WindowsTM operating systems. It can be easily programmed by means of the standard 1-Wire software development systems dowloadable at the iButton web site (www.ibutton.com) and it is fully compatible with the latest USB DLL available.
The USB connector is a standard "type B" receptacle, while the 1-Wire net can be interfaced through a RJ45 connector (which also accepts a RJ11 plug).
The board is based on the Dallas-Maxim USB driver chip and includes many challenging features, among which a filter to bypass 1-Wire signal reflections, a protection circuit against electrostatic charges carrying on the line, the possibility to power supply the 1-Wire line either with USB or with external +5V power supply, the possibility to select one or more output connector pins for power supply, the availability of both USB and 1-Wire signals at separate pads for easy integration of the board with other circuitry, the positioning of all connectors on the same board side to facilitate inclusion in generic chassis.
The device measures about 6.7x4.5 cm and is shipped as a raw board, mounted and electronically tested.  

Four different price ranges are available:
1 to 24 pcs         39,90
25 to 99 pcs       34,90
100 to 999 pcs   29,90
1000 pcs and up 24,90
shipping fee not included

Order contact:
ElbaTech Srl
Via Roma 1 - 57036 Marciana Isola d'Elba (LI) Italy
Tel and Fax +39(0)565.901002
Email sales@elbatech.com - www.elbatech.com

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