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Elbatech provides solutions for environmental application's monitoring (cameras for wildlife monitoring) with sensors for monitoring of water, air and earth (temperature, salinity, humidity, pressure, pollution). See ElbaTech4Nature for more information.

Custom Designs

Custom Designs

Elbatech designs and realizes also instruments and systems according to Customers' needs. Among others, electrochemical apparatus (i.e. a meter for antidepressant), electronic cards with microcontrollers to drive actuators and sensors and to integrate between our equipment and existing ones (a Park SPM head and Elbatech controller), customization of "research" equipment to offer solutions for the "market" (an AFM for textile investigation) and recently, custom hats for RaspberryPI(TM) application.



Elbatech is a reseller for iButtonLink and also proposes solutions for temperature and humidity monitoring, via digital thermometers and 1-Wire© network. Elbatech proposes solutions to check and monitor the refrigeration chain for healthcare or single devices for applications in the sea, in natural lagoon, in natural parks or in the environment.


Main Research Solutions

Amomg others, Elbatech equipped with HV amplifiers a complete lab for the Australian National University, we proposed HV power suppliers for Niccolo Copernico University of Torun (Poland), we realized an integrated solution between a SEM and an AFM for ENEA (Italy), we realized a phototrapping solution and a video surveillance system for species threatened with extinction for National Park of the Tuscan Archipelago (Italy)

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